how to write a letter to the Editor of an English daily about Private Tuition 0f the teachers.

The Editor, 
The Telegraph, Kolkata-70000 . 

      I want to draw the attention of the concerned authority through the columns of your esteemed daily about the system of private tuition of the teachers. If you kindly allow me a little space I shall be highly obliged. 

     Now the West Bengal Government has decided to detach the teachers from private tuition. Some guardians and the students have raised a voice against the private tuition of the teachers. They think that the teachers who are engaged with private tuition do not teach well in the class. They also think that such teachers do not devote themselves to their class teaching. It has been said that the teachers spend their time and energy in private tuition, so when they come to class a lack of their interest and energy is felt at each and every moment. So the Government has decided to make a law to stop private tuition of the teachers. The Education Ministers on behalf of the Government have appealed to the teachers to stop private tuition and give importance to class teaching. I also think that the teachers should not go with their private-tuition because they are not ill-paid and their position in the society is prestigious too. 

     Therefore, I request you to publish it in your highly reputed paper so that the Government may take proper step to stop private tuition of the teachers. 

                                                                                                                              Yours faithfully,
  Date :                                                                                                                    Punendu Shaw
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