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June 18, London British surgeons have carried out what they .claim is the world’s first lung transplant on a 20-year-old woman patient who was suffering from two fungal condition. 

A team at the University Hospital of South Manchester has successfully carried out the transplant on Becky Jones who was suffering from multi-resistant Aspergillus, a common airborne fungus, and multiple fungal balls in her old lungs. 

Lung transplant patients have never before been able to have the operation while suffering from either of these conditions. But, J ones is now able to breathe freely again. ' 

Becky’ s transplant brings together a remarkable set of expertises; in fungal infection, molecular testing, advanced transplantation techniques and intensive care, all under one roof. 

With increasing antifungal resistance since 2004, she is a courageous torchbearer for others, according to Prof David Denning, the Director of the National Aspergillosis Centre.