With the achievement of independence, many legislative reforms were made to raise the status of women in society. They were viewed as equivalent to men in varying social statuses. Equal rights were given to them to take part in democratic processes of casting vote in State Assemblies as well as the Parliament. They were appointed to the highest posts as members of the Cabinet, as Governors of Provinces, as Ambassadors and leaders of delegations to international conferences. It is the intention of today’s society to bring equality and respect for women. Proposed bookings for ladies up to 33% in the Parliament and the Legislatures is a declaration to the way that the present male needs Women to approach and contribute in working up new and dynamic India. It is the male who has taken such activities for her. It is believed that prov1d1ng 33% reservations to women in Parliament and Legislatures would not only revolution the politics but also have major social implications as well. Women are sincere and self sacrificing in nature. They will provide high of all Standards, ethics and integrity to public life. 33% quality of ladies in the Parliament would give beauty and goodness to the procedures. Being for less corrupt than men, it will brighten India’s future. 

The last two decades have seen a sea change in the status of women. They have entered every field of activity. Prior to the last quarter of the twentieth century, they had for the most part dared to become educators or medical caretakers. Not very many women had joined different employments or callings in India. Today, one can find women in every conceivable job. They are doctors, engineers, scientists, pilots, drivers, conductors, chartered accountants, bank officers, insurance agents, police officers, army officers, film directors, ministers, fashion designers and what not.In armed force they have indicated physical quality and continuance in sub frosty temperatures, statures of slopes, deserts and hot tropics. They have demonstrated better overseers, canny and effective business people, proficient game people, productive authors, masterminds, thinkers and clinicians. They have exceeded expectations in all fields since they have been given a lot and an equivalent potential for success to have up and convey.

What has changed during the most recent two decades is the demeanor of the guardians towards their young lady and youngster. As the girls have shone in the field of education, the parents have given up their preference or insistence on male child. As the floodgates of opportunities have opened for both males and females for new jobs and professions with the development of science, technology and inforrmations, today the parents neither hesitate to give higher and professional education to their girl & child nor to send them away from home to under trainings and jobs. On the off chance that one needs to finish up one must state that ladies balance nowadays is not, at this point a fantasy yet reality.

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