Wildlife is an essential and integral part of nature. The wild birds, animals, insects and reptiles help to maintain a balance in nature and conservation of environment. God has not created them without purpose. All these species have their respective and definite roles to play in the largerscheme of things. We should not forget that man is also an animal but social, intelligent and rational. We share many things in common with them. The decrease in their numbers is bound to influence the ecology and quality of our life adversely. They are as good and essential part of nature as we are. They are a constant and renewable source of food, medicine and protection of environment. That is why they fmd such an important place in our art, culture, religion, literature and mythology. Without them more than half the charm of human life would be destroyed. They all are our great friends, without whom we cannot do. For example, snakes protect our crops by destroying rodents; vultures and kites, etc. do our scavenging work; lions and tigers, etc. keep the deer population in check and the birds and insects help in fertilisation of fruits, flowers and crops. Fish, deer, fowls, pheasants, rabbits, partridges, wild buffaloes and hogs, etc. provide us meat. If there were no birds, life would be without much sweet music, colour, diversion, solace and beauty. lt other words, wildlife is really precious and it is our bounden duty to preserve and protect it. In addition The symtoms of the dangerous disease are not detected 4-5 years. The incubation period varies from five months to five years. This disease marked by loose motion, unexplained fever, loss of weight, night sweats and excessive pain. 
It is stated that there is no known cure against disease. There are some foreign injections which bring some relief to the sufferer but they are too costly for Indian patients. Under the circumstances we should follow the age-old advice : 'Prevention is better than cure'. Blood should be given to one after being .eonfirmed that it is free from HIV positive. Even an innocent person may by chance fall a prey to this disease. Hence we should not hate such persons or isolate them from society, but nurse and help them and behave sympathetically with them since AIDS is not an infectious disease. This dangerous disease has drawn the attention of many modern scientists. They are trying their best to invent the preventive medicine. But the medicine is a mystery to us so far. We shall be holding on with high hOpes that the great scientists will be able to do the needful in near future. 

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