The students of the twenty-first century would find Infonnation Technology (IT) to be very useful tool for developing themselves. Computers, lntemet and [T are closely related. The new millennium would essentially belong to the efficient and competent citizens of the world. Hense, the students Would do well to get the/mselves trained in this vital area. 

Students can use IT by learning computer operations. Computers are quite efficient devices. These could be used to learn the syllabi taught in the schools and colleges. Mathematics, sciences, drawing, f‘me arts, painting, history, civics and other vital subjects could be learned with the help of educational Compact Disks (C D5). The teachers could also guide the students in the context. 

Further, computers also are useful for entertainment and leisure High-quality games could be played on the computers. And if the monitors of the computers are large and coloured, they would certainly enjoy the thrill of computer games. 
These games (like car races) would also develop the talents and concentration of the scholarsMoreover, the scholars can play these games reception during any time of the day (or night), without bothering other members of the family.

Some students, whose parents have lntemet acceSS, would be able to surf through various websites of lntemet lnfon tation about every topic is available on Internet. The student should surf through good websites so that only good! quality and useful information is collected up by him or her. If he or she just ‘wanders’ through the Internet sites, he or she would waste his time as well as Internet time and would incur expenses in terms of telephone bills. There are many educational websites, available on Internet. At some websites, the infomiation and articles could be downloaded as well (which means that the infomiation could be printed on paper, if the student has an access to a printer as well). 

IT is the name of the game in the times to come. Information is knowledge and knowledge, because the student knows, is power. Earlier, during the eighties and therefore the seventies, information wasn't available. But now a days, it is in abundance. The student, like a swan, has to pick the right type of information and use if for his educational needs'This is not an easy task as a lot of information and data being circulated on Internet and computers are not of much value for the students. 

Other tools of IT include cellular phones, E-mail (though Internet operations), fax machines, telephones, magazines (related to computers sports and education), yellow pages, music cassettes, books, CDs, encyclopaedias and newspapers. All these tools would help the students in gaining more knowledge. And a student, who has knowledge, would certainly be able to make a good career in his life. IT is here to help the students in building their careers. They have to utilise this technology for their improvement in academic fields. They would also be able to learn more about this world, its citizens and the environment. The world is a small village, thanks to IT. In this changed world, students could be more aware about their capabilities, career goals and the society they live in. Welcome to the era of IT. We wish you all the best in your endeavours in this new “superage of information and achievements.” 

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