short story- A GLASS OF MILK

Hi, I have lost my phone and cannot reach my parents Can you please help me make a call home? Yes, sure. I can take you to the theatre manager. He will have a phone. Thank you. Tia! What are you doing? We will miss the start of the movie. We don’t even know this boy. You never know how important a glass of milk might be, Tofu. What? What are you talking about Tia? What glass of milk? You’ll know in a minute. Once upon a time there lived a young boy who was very poor. He did odd jobs to be able to buy his daily food and go to school. One day, after school the boy was very hungry. I don’t have money today. And I have no job lined up till the night. How will I make it through the day? Maybe I should just have some water to fill my stomach. So the boy decided to ask one of the houses in the neighbourhood for a glass of water. He knocked on the first door. A young girl opened the door. I am very thirsty. Would you be able to please give me a glass of water? Yes, wait a minute. The girl saw the boy’s condition and understood how hungry he was. Instead of a glass of water she brought him a glass of milk. The boy was surprised to see the milk. I cannot take this. I do not have any money to pay you for it. It's okay. You don’t have to pay me for it. Thank you very much! The kid drank the glass of milk and felt better right away. He thanked her and went his way. Many years went by.One day the young lady who was currently a lady fell extremely sick. She was taken to the hospital.The tests uncovered that she had an uncommon sort of affliction that would require extraordinary consideration for a long time. Dr. Philip was assigned to her case. Don’t worry we will take care of you. Thank you. As he had promised Dr. Philip took great care of her. He visited her day by day remained by her bedside at evenings and ensured she was consistently agreeable. Following a half year of concentrated treatment in the medical clinic the young lady was at last well and could return home. But she had a worry. She called the nurse to her room. I am healthy now but I am worried. It is time for me to pay the hospital bill. But I am afraid I won’t have enough money to do so! Oh, you don’t need to worry about it. Your Bill has already been paid What? By whom? Have a look yourself. The girl was astonished. The bill was cancelled across.What's more, in large striking letters it said 'Came up with all required funds years back with a glass of milk.' It was marked by Dr. Philips! The girl couldn’t believe her luck!Dr. Philips was the little fellow she had helped numerous years prior.Today, he had become her saviour and helper! You never know how your one good deed can turn into another good one, Tofu! So never hesitate from helping others. Thanks, Tia. I will always remember this now!

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